We advise and support you in the journey of having the customer in the center of everything you do.

The services Zimplifi offers you, are founded in many years of professional management and leadership experience. The services offered depends on your needs, but with one aim: Customer value & Return on investment – on your design & innovation activities.

Business growth & customer value by insights

Zimplifi believes in business growth and customer value. One way to reach it is through the understanding of the known and unknown needs of your customers. We help you to stop up, understand, and think like your customer, their digital journey or behavior. We support you in the next step, to be able to develop solutions, your customers need to make life easier for them. We help you to continuously involve your customers, identify their needs & transform them to insights.

We support you to use the insights, as a foundation to create new digital ideas, product or service offerings, or we deselect non value offerings. We always try out & test the ideas through early prototyping, together with your customer. 

The aim of this approach is to Zimplifi life for your customer, create loyalty due to early involvement, ensure strong market reach & differentiate your business.


Design for differentiation

Zimplifi ensures a clear link between your business, your customers and the future direction for your brand, design and digital solutions. Design is about creating great customers experiences, usability & strong brands. The starting point is the customers contact with the company and its entire offerings. The people, the services, the products, the packaging etc. tells a story about the company. A strong design DNA of offerings across silos, and with a holistic mindset, can create & support lower development costs.

Zimplifi supports you in the creation of a strong direction & platform for your company’s design, your digitalization (apps, interfaces) and customer experience across contact points. The aim is to support you in a strong design directions, which create value for your business, and are easy to understand and use across the business.

The more consistent and simple a brand & design identity & usability both are managed and experienced by the customer and user across the contact points, the stronger differentiation & positioning.


Lead the innovation

The right leadership, people, structure & processes is a core foundation for creating the right results for your business. Zimplifi supports you in changing the culture of your company, so you become more customer driven in everything you do.  

We facilitate the right mindset, and organize your organization for design and innovation with internal and external simplicity in mind. It can be integration of customer insights and design approaches in business and product development, establishing an innovation LAB for early try outs, training in being a leader in customer centricity & innovation etc.

The aim is to create new innovations for your company, and to keep focus on faster development due to the right level and mindset of customer involvement.


Do you want an appetizer?

Zimplifi offer speaks within strategic design management, customer experience and innovation management. The focus is to share professional experiences on, how you as a business can differentiate, through customer insights, design and digital solutions.

The focus can be:

  • How to use strategic design in business development for more differentiation
  • Management and leadership of design and innovation – do’s and don’ts
  • The future digital customer needs, technologies and businesses