Do you want an appetizer?

Do you want an appetizer?

Zimplifi offer speaks within strategic design management, customer experience and innovation management. The aim is to share professional experiences on, how to differentiate your business through customer insights, design and digital solutions.

Keynote #1
How to lead innovation and digitalisation

Innovation is a buzz word – but why is it important to have focus on innovation – espcially now, when a lot of comapnies need to focus on digitalisation? In this speak it is highlighted, why, what and how you can work with innovation and digitalisation, and what it means to your future services and the organisation of your company. Based on own experiences with setting a direction for new mobile services, offerings and hard ware/sw solutions, I come with experiences and ideas to, what it requires from an organisation to create growth. 

Netværk Danmark, Novo Nordisk, KMD, Danske Bank, LEGO, SKAT, CANON, NIras.

Leadership of design & customer experiences

Design is a used and abused wording, and a lot of people understand design as giving form and style a product. But design is used more and more for as a driver for innovation and growth, because the professional area is good a defining the needs of the user and customer in a differetn way than the traditional. But what does it require to lead design as a profession and what does it require to lead designers to create growth and use it for innovation in a strategic foundation.

Based on own experiences and leadership within design in a global organisation from starting up the function to implementing it, I come with my ideas and suggestion to, how your company can use design a s driver for innovation and customer focus, and what it requires from a leadership perspective,

Kolding Kommune, Rotary