Why is Zimplifi founded?

Zimplifi is founded with the belief that too many products, solutions and technologies are being developed without accomplishing the needs of a market


Sara Schøler Lass
Founder & owner


I am driven by new ideas, actions and trends within technology, digitalization and design. I love to create innovation, services and products, which makes sense, for the ones who should use, buy and develop the solutions. I advice my clients and have key-note speaks about innovation, digital business opportunities, design and business development.

My starting point is always the WHY to the companies, which establish contact to me, regarding innovation and design of customer experiences. WHY is it important for the company to work with innovation, customer experiences and digitalization? What do you want to achieve business wise? This is the foundation for a lot of my tasks, this is where we start our cooperation.

Not before we have worked with the WHY, and the company is ready to answer this questions, it is relevant to start focusing and involving the customers and their needs in business development. If the core, the heart of the company, the values and the direction is in place, it gets even more difficult to create value for the company itself.

I love to start up projects, which are driven by innovation and change in a holistic perspective. To me the great customer experience and innovation is driven by the combination between technology, business, design and marketing, and the employees, who needs to be the ones, to make the difference across a business value chain.

Behind my work is a solid experience as manager and leader within global companies in the B2B industry. My experience is focused around starting up and leading teams to be able to work with, develop and implement design and design thinking, as a driver for customer experience, innovation, business and digitalization.

I have a Master in Communication, Organisation and Strategy from Aalborg University, and International Management Education Programmes from IMD etc.

Unit 1
Ballevej 1.C
8600 Silkeborg   

Tlf. +4530704291
E-mail: ssl@zimplifi.com  

CVR: 36331445

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2012 - Berlingske Business
Appointed in Denmarks 100 Talents in the category: Innovation

Appointed as a Grundfos talent in the Corporate Talent Programme

Design, app & innovation awards


Due to the global design direction for Grundfos products and apps, the below awards are received together with my design team and Grundfos programme managers.

2012: Danish Design Award Magna3
Fremtiden starter her - Magasin, Dansk Design Center

2012: German Design Council - Magna3
Focus Open 2012 für Magna3 - TGA Fachplaner

2012: Danish App award for Grundfos GO
Mobilsiden.dk - Danish App Awards - Vinderne er fundet


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I believe in results through teamwork and cooperation. My organization consists of different partners, with whom I can engage on tasks, and thereby deliver the right service for you.

I call them Zimplifi associates. I only cooperate with highly professional competencies, companies and persons as my partners. Competencies and profiles within my network consist of researchers, user experience designers, graphical and digital designers, product designers, brand advisors, marketers, strategists and business developers.